Melamine Faced Moulded Door Skins

Melamine Faced Mould Door Skins

Product Description


Flat, 1-Panel, 2-Panel, 3-Panel, 4-Panel, 5-Panel, 6-Panel, Oval, etc

.(more than 30 different designs and patterns)

Melamine Paper Color

Ash, Beech, Cherry, Sapele, Whtie Oak, Red Oak, Red Walnut,

 Black Walnut, Teak, Mahogany, Milky White, Beige, Yellow, 

Snow White, Red, Green, Black, Grey, Pink, Brown, Coffee, etc. 

(around 200 different colors and patterns)

Formaldehyde Emission StandardE0,E1,E2
ApplicationInterior Door, Flush Door, Entrance Door, etc.

HDF Door skin, also called skin door, refers to the outer panel that can be assembled with wooden frames or skeletons to make a door leaf. Normally a pair of door skins are needed to assemble a sheet of door leaf, namely face panel and back panel. According to the material and manufacturing process, door skins can be classified as plywood door skins and HDF door skins.

HDF door skins are also called molded door skins. The plain high density fiberboards we use in our factory are of the best quality and produced by the most reputable HDF & MDF manufacturers here in China,The density of our HDF door-skins is above 900KGS/M3. To date we have customized more than 100 different molding designs and patterns such as 2-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel, 5-panel, 6-panel, oval, as well as many other classic, elegant and fashion designs and patterns.

The surface of our HDF door skins can be white primed, faced with wood veneers or covered with high quality melamine paper. So our HDF door skin product lines are mainly made up of:

HDF(Moulded) Door Skin

Melamine Faced HDF Door Skin

Veneer Faced HDF Door Skin

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